The Sportler App is designed to help athletes easily schedule sports activities. Start using Sportler by

  • Downloading the Sportler App
  • Registering with your email or facebook
  • Scheduling an event
Sportler also includes features to:
  • Set the maximum number of players you need. After your event is full, Sportler notifies subsequent players that the event is full
  • Create your own player lists, for example create separate lists for your league team and club
  • Save time by selecting players from your contacts book
  • View event details at a glance, including player RSVP status
  • Set your own profile photo, so others will remember what you look like!
  • Add venues easily using Google to fill in address details

Sportler automatically uses your last venue and latest players when creating new events. You can customize the number of players needed, your venue, and also auto-confirm players.

The Sportler App, designed to help you get out and play!